Links to Scandinavian pages related to Genealogy

Genealogist Associations in Scandinavia

The Danish, Swedish and Norwegan Associations of Genealogist (DIS) all have Home Pages on the internet. Most of the information is the local language but these pages contain both information and links which might be usefull.

Finding homepages in Denmark

If you want to search for someones home page, you could try the following:

Directories of danish homepages (Yahoo-type directories):

Jubii (a danish version of the well known Yahoo). Here you'll find the most complete listing of danish www-pages and you'll be able to search - just like at Yahoo's. This service is only in danish, but it works just like Yahoo so you should be able to use it.
Webguiden - Danish internet search database
Dansk Web Index
Danish Directory Services and Danish Information Servers contains links to many danish direcories.

"Full-text" searches of danish homepage (like Alta Vista)

Jori (a sister of Jubii)
Cybercity Agent - Danish internet search robot

Finding Email addresses in Denmark

If you are looking for someone's Email-address use TeleDanmark's (the Phone Company's) E-post Danmark kataloget to search for it. This Catalogue contains as far as I know more than 100.000 Email-addresses in Denmark and contains Email-addresses for most public institutions. An alternative is Joe's E-mail Catalogue.

Government Adresses and Archives

You can try the list of the Danish State's archives, which is a list of Danish archives of the internet, including Rigsarkivet. I have not tried these archives so I cannot tell you more about them.

Ohter Genealogy Pages

One of the best list of links and other information can be found at the Scandinavian Genealogy Pages which includes FAQ's and many other things of interest to genealogist doing research in scandinavia. These pages are in english and provide an nice overview of the ressources in scandinavia.

You might also visit The Family Web Pages created by Mr. Jørgen Bak. This page (in English) has links to other sites of interest both in Denmark and abroad. The directory also contains links to personal genealogy homepages if you search for the word "slægtsforskning".

If you have links to pages which you think should be represented here please send an Email to Erik Kluge with information and the link will be placed here.