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Forfatter Emne:   The Kluge family lived in this area for centuries
Birger Kluge
17. september 2010 12:38 (første indlæg)

The Kluge family lived in this area for centuries. In Delitzsh, a little town south of Bitterfeld, the Kluge name has been known since 1465. After the 30-years war, in 1648, there were only two people left alive in Wolfen, another small town just north of Bitterfeld.

The Kluge family has found its way to many parts of the world in the centuries since. Family members moved east to Poland, and from there to the Baltic countries and then onward to Russia. Those who moved to the south came to what i now the Czech Republic, then Hungary, Austria and from there to Brazil. The Kluges who headed northward settled in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Some of these then took the ocean routes to the United States, Canada and Australia.

We are now trying to establish contact with Kluges in different countries in order to trace their family wanderings back to the point of origin. There is no doubt that the various branches of our family all merge into the same tree at some point, but we’ll have some obstacles to overcome before it all comes together. But the ultimate result of these efforts could be a global family network that could be used for something positive. It has been very gratifying to find that many younger Kluge family members are actively interested in helping to create such a network.